Fine Art Photography, Paintings and Digital works
Very early start as an artist! (circa 1950)

Very early start as an artist! (circa 1950)

Marín-Carle was born in New York City. He and his family subsequently moved to Puerto Rico where Marín-Carle studied art at the Instituto de Cultura de Puerto Rico, Escuela de Artes Plasticas. During this period he was highly influenced by his father, Augusto Marín, who was also his teacher for a time at the above-mentioned school. His close relationship with his father also played an important role in the growth of his own love for art. His young adulthood began with a tour of duty in the Army, serving in the Vietnam War. Upon return from the military, he earned his BFA at Wayne State University in Detroit, continuing on into graduate study at Notre Dame in South Bend. After finishing his MFA (thesis titled Freedom Within Boundaries), Marín-Carle embarked on an artistic journey typical of a recently graduated student while also beginning his career as a professor at Ball State University. 

Marin-Carle's work has been exhibited in the United States and abroad winning him numerous awards and recognitions. His work can be found in public and private collections.

About the Work
The works included in this website reflect numerous influences. His background as a painter, designer and photographer, together with his interests in abstract expressionism, Asian art, calligraphy and typography, have all played an important role in the development of the images.

The use of the computer and the digital camera (and iphone) has been vital in the development of new imagery that, until now, was virtually impossible to portray. Marin-Carle uses these tools as he would any traditional art medium. They are tools, as is a brush or a pencil in that they are only utensils in the process of creativity and expression.